Hansford Sensors Ltd. - PRODUCT NEWS

New vibration sensors for plant protection.

The new sensor company formed in November 2006 has announced its first series of piezoelectric vibration sensors designed specifically to monitor the vibration levels on important plant and machinery across all types of industries.

These days, most Maintenance Engineers rely on sensors to detect increasing levels of vibration from bearings, shafts and other rotating components to warn them of inefficient operation or even possible future failure. This important knowledge allows them to maintain quality and avoid plant shut-down, with its inherent high costs.

The HS series of vibration sensors offer a choice of AC, velocity or 4-20mA outputs to suit differing applications. They are all built for robustness with their welded stainless steel construction, high shock tolerance and wide temperature operation range.

There is a choice of models offering side or top entry connector, tough braided cable and a submersible version sealed to IP68 and capable of being totally submerged up to a depth of 100 metres. For fixing of the sensor, different mounting threads are available plus a choice of Quik-Fit or adhesive mount studs.

March 2007

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