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Submersible vibration sensors help protect pumps.

A range of submersible vibration sensors, which has been specifically designed for operation in partial or complete immersion in water, making them ideal for the monitoring of pumps in a maintenance role.

Pumps perform important tasks across many industries, some operating continuously and others triggered into action to move liquids at specific times or as a result of leakage. Being rotating machinery, they have critical components such as shaft bearings which are subject to wear. By monitoring the vibration signature of the shaft bearings, Maintenance Engineers have the information to predict when corrective work or component replacement is needed. This provides an efficient operating plant, reducing running costs and avoiding lost production or services.

Hansford Sensors can provide a range of vibration sensors with either AC, velocity or 4-20mA outputs which are completely sealed to IP68 for operation in or under water. The range is also available in ATEX approved versions, with certification for operation in explosive liquids and gases.

The sensors will be found in use in remote conditions at pumping wells, bore holes, desalination and many industrial process plants.


February 2009

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