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Dual output sensors offer vibration and temperature measurement.

Two versions are available within the new range: the HS-100PT has a 100mV/g vibration output as standard (other sensitivities are available) and PT100 temperature output for easy interface with on-line monitoring systems.

The HS-420RT version also has the built-in PT100 temperature sensor, but offers the vibration output as a standard 4-20mA signal for use in low cost on-line monitoring with the capability of interfacing directly with PLCs, BMS or any 4-20mA input module.

This choice of sensor models gives extra flexibility within different industrial systems, allowing application in the monitoring of both vibration and temperature levels of industrial plant and machinery such as fans, motors, pumps, compressors, centrifuges, air handlers, dryers, gearboxes, rolls, presses, HVAC, spindles, machine tooling, process equipment, etc.

All sensors are constructed in welded stainless steel offering robustness and reliability when operated in harsh industrial environments.

For use with their sensors, Hansford also supply a choice of multi-sensor connection and switch boxes, conditioning modules with alarm facilities and accessories of mounting studs, magnets and cable assemblies.

March 2011

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