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Triaxial Sensor

A new triaxial accelerometer, enabling three axes to be read simultaneously. The new HS-109 Series vibration sensor comes complete with the established and proven M12 connector and is designed to be used both offline and as a permanently mounted sensor on industrial machinery.

Because the HS-109 allows three axes to be read simultaneously, measurement time can be reduced and this functionality can be supplied with a variety of different sensitivities to suit a variety of applications. The HS-109 can be used within offline applications using commercially available data collectors and also in online monitoring systems across a range of industries, including Building Services, Civil Engineering, Paper and Pulp, Mining, Metals Manufacture, Utilities, Automotive, Water and Waste Treatment, Pharmaceutical and Aerospace.

The capability of the HS-109 sensor to serve this range of applications stems not only from its functionality but also its robust, resilient design. Protected by a stainless steel casing, the HS-109 can function within an operating temperature range of -55 to 140 ºC and is sealed to an ingress protection level of IP67. The HS-109 is therefore well designed to monitor a range of machinery, including fans, motors, pumps, compressors, centrifuges, conveyers, air handling units, gearboxes, rolls, dryers, presses, cooling, HVAC, spindles, machine tooling and process equipment.

April 2012

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