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New stainless steel enclosure range

A range of stainless steel enclosures to meet the needs of its customers in a variety of applications and conditions. The enclosures provide the facility for data collection from remote points in conditions where readings are required to be taken with a portable data collector.

There are three enclosures available – Standard, Compact and Protective Roof – offering a range of solutions for different industrial environments and process conditions where vibration measurement is required.

“We’ve addressed the needs of our customers by listening to them and responding with some common sense solutions,” explained Chris Hansford, Managing Director. “For example, one of our customers in the mining industry commented that when dust settles on the lid of a standard enclosure it can fall inside when the lid is opened, so we now provide an enclosure that has a sloping roof. We also now supply a compact box for customers who find that a standard box is just too big for their application.”

The products that were created to respond to these needs were the HS-SC Series Compact Enclosure, which is designed for applications where space is limited, and the HS-SR Enclosure with Sloping Roof, which protects against dusty and dirty environments by allowing run-off of contamination. Hansford Sensors stainless steel enclosures provide a common point to terminate up to 100 accelerometers in situations where, for reasons of health and safety, engineers cannot get access to the machinery to take a reading. The enclosures are sealed to IP66 and, since they are formed from stainless steel, can also be used in hygiene-critical applications, such as those in the food industry.

Hansford Sensors new range of stainless steel enclosures supports its complete range of existing industrial accelerometers. These include standard sensors, for use with all rotating and reciprocating equipment, plus submersible and ATEX-approved sensors for specialised applications, multi-sensor switch boxes, vibration sensor modules, portable vibration meters and condition monitoring protection systems.

February 2013

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