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Solutions packs for pumps, motors and fans

A number of product packages specifically for protecting pumps, motors and fans, offering complete and simple vibration monitoring solutions for a range of applications.

The Hansford Sensors vibration monitoring packages contain sensors, enclosures and cables plus any further accessories required for the application, all packaged, tested and ready for installation. These can be ordered on one PO number, making it easier and speedier for customers to purchase all the components they need in a single package. Engineers can then get a vibration monitoring solution up and running fast with all the correctly specified and compatible components for the application.

For example, a typical range of packages for cooling tower applications allows engineers to select between an offline or online option. The offline package contains sensors, switch enclosure and optional junction enclosure in stainless steel, polycarbonate or mild steel, and cable. Online packages are also available containing the same items as the offline option plus power supply unit and trip modules. You can view these examples of product packages in Hansford Sensors free white paper on Cooling Towers, which can be downloaded at www.hansfordsensors.com/news/whitepapers

June 2013

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