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 Hawker Electronics Ltd. - PRODUCT NEWS
ATEX approved Alarum for CSO Applications. Hawker Electronics were approached by a well known International Water Company who had a small problem. They wanted to monitor levels in Combined Sewerage Overflows or CSO's as they are better known, especially low and high levels. They had trialed floats for very low levels and found that the float was too large for the application. They also found that at high levels turbulence caused erratic movement of the float. Hawker Electronics showed that their electrode system had no moving parts to tangle up or wear out. Trials were conducted with the 'Alarum' which is a compact electrode holder with an integral electronic circuit. The circuit is very low voltage operating from 24 v DC with such low power requirements that it could run from a solar panel or batteries. A 24v DC 12A/H battery will power it for around 600 hours. The Alarum had originally been designed for alarms in remote areas or in containment sumps and bunded areas. Following extensive trials two modifications were requested. The electrodes needed to be more substantial for higher flows and the unit needed to be ATEX approved for Intrinsically Safe applications demanded by CSO's. The first requirement was straightforward. The second one was more demanding but with Hawker's experience in Intrinsic Safety and their background in sewage applications ATEX approval was achieved in just over 3 months. ______________________________________________ January 2006
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