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New SR16/SR17 Position Sensors

New SR16/SR17 Position Sensors from Honeywell
provide reliability in a cost-effective, compact package.

The Sensing and Control Business of Honeywell has introduced
the SR16/SR17 Series Hall Effect Vane Sensors, designed for
speed- and position-detection applications.

The cost-effective product offers reliability and repeatability
in a compact, rugged plastic package.

Typical applications include fitness equipment; hospital beds;
infusion pumps; indicators for post office bins, conveyors and
security door latches; printers; and computer storage devices.

The solid-state SR16/5R17 sensors contain the robust S5443
Hall effect sensor, making them unsusceptible to humidity, dust,
or JR light interference; They are available in two mechanical
mounting styles and several methods of termination, including
flying leads, connector or PCB mount.
Operating temperature is -20 to +85 degrees C (-4 to +185 degrees F).


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August 2000

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