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New FSL Low-Profile Force Sensor


New FSL Low-ProfiIe Force Sensor
offers improved specifications.

 The new, improved FSL Series Low-Profile Force Sensor
from the Sensing and Control Business of Honeywell is a
cost-effective, instrument-grade, precision force-sensing product.

The sensor combines high accuracy (a typical sensitivity shift over
the specified temperature range of +/- 0.006 mV/gram) with robust
performance characteristics. Miniature packaging provides
application versatility.

Typical applications include medical equipment control (kidney
dialysis machines, drug delivery systems, hematology equipment,
and medical instrumentation); ultra-low displacement sensing in
robotic end-effectors, process control equipment, inspection controls,
and wire bonding equipment; and high-precision force sensing, such as
variable tension control, materials testing, and liquid-level measurement.

The FSL Series force sensor features a proven sensing technology
that utilizes a specialized piezoresistive micro-machined silicon-sensing
element. The low-power, unamplified, non-compensated Wheatstone
bridge circuit design provides inherently stable mV outputs over the
500 gram force range.

Operating temperature range is —40 to +70 degrees C
(-40 to +158 degrees F). The product meets IEC 801-2 testing requirements.


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August 2000

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