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New 200 LPM Mass Airflow Sensor

Honeywell's New 200 LPM Mass Airflow Sensor
Offers Reliability and Accuracy in a Small Package

The Sensing and Control Business of Honeywell has introduced the
innovative AWM72OP 1 microbridge mass airflow sensor, offering a
high-flow range capability in a compact package.

The product, designed specifically for dry-filtered air medical and
analytical instruments, combines time-proven reliability, accuracy,
and precision operating characteristics.

Plastic packaging withstands overpressures of 25 psi (1.7 bar)
without compromising performance.

Typical medical applications include respirators, ventilators,
oxygen concentrators, conservers, sleep apnea monitors, nebulizers,
and CPAP equipment. It can be used in autoclaves and is compatible
with a wide range of anaesthesia gases.

Analytical and industrial instrumentation applications include leak
detection equipment, spectroscopy equipment, mass flow controllers,
telecommunication systems, and environmental climate controls.

The AWM72OP 1 sensor provides in-line airflow measurement
with a specially designed bypass flow housing. It has a flow range
of 200 standard litres per minute (SLPM) and induces a typical
pressure drop of 1-inch H20.

The product has a typical 6-millisecond response time and consumes
less than 65 mW of power, making it ideal for battery-powered applications.
The operating input voltage range is 8 to 15 Vdc.

Operating temperature range is -25 to +85 degrees C.


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September 2000

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