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Versatile Analogue Pressure Transmitter. –1 to 1,000 bar. A sophisticated new pressure transmitter, manufactured by one of Switzerland’s leading transducer producers, is available from Huba Control AG. The piezoresitive measuring elements have compensated, calibrated and amplified sensor signals, which are available as standardised voltage or current outputs. The Huba Control Type 680 is available with customer specified pressure ranges from –1 to 1,000 bar, and is easily calibrated to the users requirements. This unit has various electrical outputs, including, 0 – 5V. 0 – 10V. 0 – 20 mA. 4 – 20 mA, with other outputs available on request. This stainless steel unit is of watertight welded construction There is also an intrinsically safe version [II 1G EEx ia IIC T3 – T6.] The high temperature version can operate in the temperature range –25ºC to 150ºC Seven electrical and eleven mechanical connections give the user the ability to easily integrate these transmitters into any system. _____________________________________________________ Huba Control AG - Branch Office UK

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January 2001

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