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NEW OEM Transmitter & Electronic pressure switch Type 511 The new pressure transmitter generation from Huba Control is small, compact & can be used for all kinds of industrial applications. The range includes pressure transmitters and electronic pressure switches from -1 to 600 bar relative and 0 to 25 bar absolute. A new, patented, media stop system prevents the media from bursting out of the casing and connection if burst pressure is exceeded, this unique feature ensures that personnel and equipment is not damaged by the media. The unique integrated electronic design with an excellent EMC-protection ensures the out-put signal is not influenced by high frequent electro-magnetic interferences with field intensity up to 200 V/m. As well as a total of accuracy of linearity, hysteresis and reproductibility of < 0.3% fs, the transmitter also has a low temperature drift of 0.015% fs over the wide temperature range of -40°C to +150°C. Electrical protection IP 67 as standard UL approved There is a time-saving electrical cable connection available, (to be made by the customer). Quick connection technique Quickon from Phoenix. _____________________________________________________ Huba Control AG - Branch Office UK

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October 2003
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