MSR-145 Shock & Environmental Logger

The MSR 145 is a miniaturised universal data logger for measuring and recording different physical measurement parameters. It contains a temperature sensor, a humidity sensor with integrated temperature, a pressure sensor and a 3-axis accelerometer (X, Y and Z axes). The measurement parameters can be transferred to a PC either once data logging is completed or during the data logging process.

The MSR PC program enables users to customise the way in which the MSR 145 measures and records data according to their requirements. The integrated clock (RTC) allows data from as many MSR 145 units as required to be synchronised and merged into a single data record.

Low-Cost - Prices from £149
Built-In Tri-Axial Accelerometer
Internal Temperature, Humidity, Pressure Sensors
2 Analogue Inputs (optional)
USB communications
Rechargeable through the USB
Several months of operation from a single charge
Memory capacity of over 2,000,000 measurements
Storage rate from 50 samples per second to 1 every 12 hours
Free software allows you to synchronise data from multiple MSR-145
Compact & Lightweight weighing only 16g, measures 20 x 15 x 52mm*
Data can be transferred to PC during or after the logging process
MSR 145W is waterproof and IP67 classified.

The compact, lightweight & durable design of the MSR 145 makes it ideally suited for routine monitoring of products and the environment they pass through. The rechargeable battery stored inside the MSR 145 gives you several months of operation from a single charge** and is easily rechargeable by plugging in the unit to any available USB port. This feature-packed unit has the potential for use in many different industries/roles including shock & environmental monitoring.

The tri-axial accelerometer gives you precise readings telling you when incorrect handling has occurred on your shipment, and when combined with the temperature, humidity & pressure sensors built into the MSR 145, a full report of the environment your shipment has been kept in is available immediately upon delivery.

The MSR 145 design is perfect for documenting dynamic environments such as moving vehicles, trucks, containers, ships, aircraft etc. The MSR 145 will measure and record over 2,000,000 parameters and its compact size means it will fit into the smallest of spaces.

The MRS 145 comes complete with user-friendly windows based software for easy analysis of live or completed data collections.

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August 2007

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