Ultra-small, low-power, versatile GSM/GPS autonomous tracking platform.

Supersense GPS (enhanced receiver sensitivity for "indoor" use)
Supports wireless assisted GPS for fast and reliable first-fix
Live tracking via GPRS
3D-accelerometer/motion sensor
Photo/light sensor
Li-Polymer rechargeable battery
Self-contained and autonomous: all antennas, sensors, battery, SIM, GSM, GPS
integrated in one small housing
Variety of housings and battery capacity solutions, some of them according to IP65 ("waterproof")

Technical Details of all Picotrack Devices
GSM/GPRS/FTP communication and GSM-tracking (network based and terminal based)
High sensitivity GPS-tracking module, supports supersense/indoor GPS and wireless assisted GPS (requires server to provide real-time data)
Very large internal ceramic GPS-patch-antenna, increasing the GPS sensitivity even further
Internal rechargeable high-power lithium-polymer battery
Inertial 3-D high precision acceleration sensor: detects motion, movement and orientation/attitude (+/- 8g)
Internal smart fast charging controller
Opto-sensor recognizes (day/flash)light (e.g. opening of transport box)
Different housings, additional belt-clip and IP65 housing available upon request
Customised, smart power management: allows user to select from a variety of power saving profiles
Operating temperature: -20°C/+60°C (charge: 0°C/+45°C), extended temperature range possible upon request
Charging via standard USB interface, ideally suited for mobile operations using any Personal Computer or Laptop at hand (AC mains charger is also included)

Autonomous Operation Time - Legend:

Max. reactive sleep time: Device wakes up on events like motion, movement on cyclic events like "position message every 30 days".

Continuous GSM standby time: GSM is available all the time, device is under full remote
control over GSM, delivers position upon request, all
sensors active, GPS is activated on demand

Continuous GSM/GPS operation time: GSM is available all the time, GPS is active and tracking permanently, device delivers GPS position instantly upon request, all sensors active, power management is disabled.

The values above are for reference only and vary significantly depending on your scenario and the availability of GSM and GPS in your specific environment. Using our powerful energy saving algorithms, in many cases you will achieve significantly longer autonomous operation times than the ones mentioned above without compromising the performance of the device.

Typical scenarios allow several days of constant tracking of objects assuming they are not moving continuously during the whole time.

Versions Available

Picotrack version "black":
54mm * 37mm * 20mm/42g (complete GSM/GPS tracking device)
Max. reactive sleep time: 45 days
Continuous GSM standby time: 6 days
Continuous GSM & GPS operation time: 14 hours (power management activated: several days)

Picotrack version "white":
84mm * 44mm * 22mm/74g (complete GSM/GPS tracking device, without belt-clip)
Max. reactive sleep time: 95 days
Continuous GSM standby time: 12 days
Continuous GSM & GPS operation time: 30 hours (power management activated: several days)

Picotrack version "grey and grey-transparent":
65mm * 50mm * 35mm/88g (complete GSM/GPS tracking device)
IP65 protection, box completely sealed
Fully closed inconspicuous grey housing or transparent cover for status indication available
Mounting screw holes accessible outside the sealed IP65 compartment
Max. reactive sleep time: 95 days
Continuous GSM standby time: 12 days
Continuous GSM & GPS operation time: 30 hours (power management activated: several days)

Does Picotrack come close to what you want, but you have special requirements?

No problem:
The Picotrack GSM/GPS tracking platform is designed for professional users and applications. It is a highly flexible, modular concept and can be customised or even redesigned in our research & development department according to your specific needs and requirements, e.g:
Customised power saving modes
Customised motion detection profiles
Position logging memory
GSM jamming detection
Complex GPS- and/or GSM-based geo-fencing
Different housings possible, IP65 and customised
Adaptation of over-air protocol (SMS, GPRS, FTP etc.) according to your needs
is possible
Electronic module "on its own" available as well to be integrated in your own
application, e.g. 45mm * 34mm * 11mm/22g for GSM-only version
The Picotrack is available "white-labelled" or as OEM product as well
USB-read-out and configuration
Powerful serial, digital and analogue interface for external sensors and accessories
Software-update over air via GPRS and/or FTP
Attitude recognition for downfall/drop alarm
Extended power management suited perfectly to your application scenario (geofence,
position-lock, motion detection, life-position-streaming when in motion, cyclic
tracking, cyclic reporting, long-term operation based on primary cells, motion
surveillance, acoustic surveillance etc.)
Extended temperature range, depending on battery technology, is feasible

Future, project specific extensions of the Picotrack may include additional modules, e.g:

Radio-frequency tracking beacon and direction finder with configurable pulse
pattern and adjustable radio power levels
12V/24V DC external power wide range supply input
External serial interface/RF-ID interface
Internal or external primary cells for autonomous operation up to several years
Customised keypad, e.g. with emergency alarm button and your company name
Microphone for audio recording, voice surveillance, noise recognition/activation and
alarm triggering

To register your interest in this future product please visit our website www.assetmonitoring.eu and fill the form in on our contact us page

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November 2007

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