Remote Data Logger & Web Service

Live Up-To-Date information on all your equipment via the web.

Introduction To Remote Data Logger Unit
The RDLWeb is a small, discrete and cost effective device which can remotely transfer collected data to the web. A wide range of signal conditioning units are available for this unit enabling it to read in values from a large channel number with almost any signal source.

When fitted, the RDLWeb, will report back on a regular 'user definable' period the values taken and present them through a standard internet browser.
All you have to do is log in securely through an internet browser via a pc with internet access. From here you will be able to view all of your data from all of your equipment in easy to read interactive tabular and graphical formats.

Low Cost Increase your visability of all your remote devices & instruments.

Compact Easily deploy the RDLWeb into existing equipment with minimum effort and expense.

Real time, secure information to the web Maximise the efficiency of your business by being able to deploy engineers as and when they are needed rather than based on estimates.

Automatic generation of reports Save labour on repetitive tasks. One or more reports can be sent to virtually unlimited recipients.

Use standard internet browsers No need to install, maintain or update specialist software. View all of your data securely via any internet connected PC.

Generate event driven alarms React quickly to faulty equipment or equipment that will shortly need to be serviced. Alarms can be sent to multiple recipients via SMS or email.

Incorporates AJAX technology The web page appears fully interactive with no need to perform screen refreshes as real-time live data streams onto the screen.

Application Areas
· PLC Monitoring
· Equipment Monitoring
· Weight Monitoring
· Flow Level Monitoring
· Specialist Equipment Monitoring
· Remote Plant Monitoring
· Remote Site Monitoring
· Remote 'Un-Manned' Data Collection

We take the security of your data very seriously. With this in mind the web service offers the following security features:

· Secure communications between clients and server (SSL)
· Username & Password protected interface
· Administrator definable user access levels
· IP Address controlled access
· Activity reports
· Immediate account/device deactivation
· Audit trails
· Firewall protected server housed in a secure data centre

GPRS - Explained
GPRS is a technology that is readily available on any standard SIM card that you would use in your mobile phone. There are two main very powerful features with this technology:- 1- The connection is always on so you always have the ability to view live data. 2- You are billed on the amount of data transferred and not connection time, the net effect of this is a very attractive cost saving on your connection.


The system works on a basic principle, on which the configuration of the system resides both within the RDLWeb unit and on the central server. The RDLWeb device is configured to "check in" at a user definable period to the central server, at which time it will update the current information collected and also check for any change in configuration. Should there be a change in configuration, then the RDLWeb device will in turn alter its internal configuration to match that of the server.

In a situation where an alarm is triggered the device will automatically "check in" with the server where a list of recipients will reside. This may be a standard list or may include shift patterns. This allows alarm messages to be sent to person "x" when the alarm is triggered between certain times or person "y" at other times etc. Once the desired recipient(s) has been located on the list the message(s) will be sent in the appropriate format.

Web Service Features:

Secure Log In:- Have peace of mind that your valuable information is in a secure environment with traceability as to who has logged in and when.

Quick View Summary Of All Field Based Equipment: - Instantly view all the status levels of all your equipment. Make informed judgements instantly by deploying personnel exactly where you need them.

Receive Alarms Instantly By Email or SMS text:- Have peace of mind that your equipment is being monitored 24/7, the system will work for you and let you know when situations occur.

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March 2008

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