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DDS4 Electronic pressure switch is fully configurable. The Microprocessor based switching electronics on the DS4 & DS6 offers all the standard functions of a pressure switch but has the added advantage of being fully programmable, options of 1 or 2 switch points, LED indication of switching and also the option of a 1-5V 3-wire output. The DS4 & DS6 range of electronic pressure switches are fully programmable via a hand held device or P-set software. The pressure range, switch point, switching delay and switching mode can all be configured quickly and easily making this product very adaptable but at a price comparable to low cost mechanical switches.
The range is manufactured in a lightweight, compact but rugged housing which also incorporates colour changing LEDs to indicate the switching action. The DS4 & DS6 products are ideal for hydraulic, pneumatic and control applications and can stand up to high levels of shock and vibration. You can choose from having a 1 or 2 switch points and in addition a 1-5V 3-wire output is available which means that the pressure reading can be processed for further control or analysis as with a pressure transmitter.
December 2004

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