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New, low cost infra-red sensor has electronics integrated in the cable.

Optris has launched two new compact, infra-red temperature sensors, offering OEMs a cost effective, high accuracy but rugged device that can measure temperatures from -20°C up to 350°C.

The innovative 'CS' and 'CSmicro' sensor series are ideal for industrial OEM users and combine high quality and accuracy of metrological parameters, with a rugged, high-grade stainless steel housing and an attractive price per measuring point. The sensors are approximately half the price of the company's standard infra-red temperature sensors.

The technology was designed specifically for OEM customers, who to date may have avoided infra-red measurement due to its relative high cost. The 'CS' is therefore compact, with an M12 thread and a diameter of 14 mm and a length of 87 mm. The sensor also comes with integrated electronics, an LED display and a smart sighting support.

Further features are: a scalable analogue output of 0 - 10 V or 0 - 5 V, adjustable signal processing, short circuit and polarity reversal protection, USB programming interface with software and a wide power range of 5 - 7 or 12 - 28 V DC.

The 'CSmicro' is even more compact and measures just 14 mm in diameter by 28 mm in length, with an M12 thread. Again, the sensor is housed in stainless steel but the processing electronics are integrated in the sensor cable itself, which facilitates small sensor dimensions. Also available with the USB interface and programming software.

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September 2006

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