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TDS4 & DS6 Electronic pressure switch and P-SET configuration software

The DS range of electronic pressure switches have been designed for pneumatics and vacuum applications. The new microprocessor switching electronics offers the standard functions associated with pressure switches but also many additional features. The 1 or 2 freely programmable switching outputs whose status is indicated by coloured LEDs can be configured quickly and easily by means of the P-SET (PC software and programming adaptor).

This Windows based program is equipped with a simulation mode, with which developers, purchasers and engineers can check the functionality of the pressure switch even before purchasing to see if the device will fulfil the criteria of the application. Adjustable parameters include switching mode (hysteresis or window), inversing the switch and switching On & Off delay.

By the simple installation of the software, which is available for free download at the program can be up and running instantly and is designed to be easy enough for both beginners and experts to use. The programming adaptor required is available as a one off purchase and has either serial interface or USB.

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December 2006

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