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Battery-powered digital pressure gauges replace inaccurate mechanical gauges.

A range of battery-powered digital pressure gauges has been launched in the UK, which offers customers an ideal replacement for their existing, less accurate mechanical gauges.

The ‘Baroli’ range of digital pressure gauges is available through UK-based sensor manufacturer Impress Sensors & Systems Limited, on an ex-stock basis, delivered on a next-day delivery if the customer requires.

The gauges are targeted at hydraulics, pneumatics and general mechanical engineering applications, including process manufacturing companies, marine, laboratory/R&D, production systems and automation.

The gauge comes in two main versions: a standard pressure gauge with an integrated piezoresistive, stainless steel sensor, which has an accuracy of ± 0.125% FS BFSL (full-scale, best-fit straight line). Or alternatively, customers can opt for a low cost version with an integrated ceramic sensor, which has an accuracy of ± 0.25% FS BFSL. Both versions come in a rugged, IP65 polycarbonate housing.

Both versions are designed to be fitted easily and quickly in-situ. The LCD display can be rotated continuously independent of the housing, providing the engineer with clear sight of the digital display at all times, regardless of the mounting configuration. The housing itself rotates 270 degrees about the horizontal axis.

The device is operated through a simple, menu-driven display via three push buttons on a touchpad. As well as showing information about the nominal pressure range, the unit can be adjusted by the user for maximum and minimum pressures of the process. Users can also choose which units of measurement they prefer, including bar, mbar, PSI, mWs, inHg, cmHg, mmHg, kPa and MPa. The 4.5-digit LCD shows measured values at a digit height of 11mm and the user can also set the position of the decimal point.

Sam Drury, Sales Director at Impress Sensors & Systems comments: "We are delighted to be able to offer the Baroli gauges to our customers in the UK on an ex-stock basis. The gauges are ideal for customers who want to replace their existing mechanical pressure gauges with a more accurate, reliable digital pressure gauge."

Nominal pressure range for the low cost ceramic gauges are from 1.6 bar up to 400 bar. For the stainless steel version, nominal pressures are from 0.1 bar up to 600 bar. The gauges weigh approximately 300g and the operational life of the battery is approximately five years in standby mode. The units are fixed into position using standard G1/2", G1/4" (EN837), ½" and ¼" thread connections (NPT).

For more information, contact the sales department at Impress Sensors & Systems on 0118 981 7980 or visit the website at _____________________________________________

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June 2007

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