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New low cost portable and panel mounted data recorders.

A UK-based company is now offering a range of low cost portable, battery-operated and panel-mounted data recorders that are ideal for carrying out instrumentation checks and data logging functions across a range of process manufacturing industries.

The new data recorders, supplied by Impress Sensors & Systems, a specialist manufacturer and distributor of sensors, instrumentation and complete system packages, based in Aldermaston, Berkshire – is targeted at service engineers, installation engineers, process engineers and test engineers in process environments, particularly water and sewerage and environmental testing companies.

The SRD-99 is the panel mount version, which records and displays current values and technical parameters in the form of graphs, numerical characters, a channel list or real time logged values. The device has 1, 4 or 8 temperature (Pt100/500/1000) or current (0/4-20mA) inputs, one impulsive input for controlling the recording process and one USB host port for flash data storage.

The USB port is located on the front of the unit and enables the user to easily and quickly download recorded data from the device and transfer this to a PC for further analyses. Sam Drury, Sales & Marketing Director at Impress Sensors & Systems comments: “The USB port is an interesting feature that, unlike many other data recording systems on the market, allows the engineer to download recorded data very easily and quickly via a couple of button clicks. The device is also low cost but of comparable quality to other currently available systems. The unit also has a digital input, so that users can trigger the recording of measurements by an event in the process.”

The SRD-99 has a 2MB internal memory capacity, enabling up to 500,000 data recordings in total before the data needs to be downloaded. The unit comes with free software, Loggy Soft, which enables visualisation, archiving and printing of measurements. The SRD Toolkit software enables configuration of the device via a PC rather than pushbuttons, using an RS485 Modbus RTU serial interface.

For applications where security is a risk, there’s an option to upgrade the device to include a lockable transparent door with security key. This security unit is rated to IP42 (DIN 40050) and has all-round soft rubber sealing. Also available is a waterproof IP65 cover.

The SRD-P130 is a portable, battery-operated or mains operated version of the SRD-99. Ideal for recording and displaying current or averaged values of process parameters, with graphical trends also displayed, the device is ideal for mobile data acquisition in harsh environments. The unit can be left for up to one week working on battery power without charging.

The unit is housed in a waterproof, dustproof, high impact resistant housing (Peli case) and is therefore able to withstand a variety of difficult environments, including high humidity, high temperature surges, high dust concentrations and pressure changes.

The SRD-P130 was originally developed to record operating parameters of water and sewage intermediate pumping stations; checking the pressure in water pumping stations; recording of water level changes in rivers; and for recording the operating parameters in central heating stations and heat feeding centres. However, the device is suitable for use in all types of process manufacturing environments.

The SRD-P130 has four measuring inputs and input for monitoring the battery voltage. The unit comes with free set up and recording software, Loggy Soft and SRD Toolkit. ____________________________________________

For more information, please contact...

Sam Drury
IMPress Sensors & Systems Ltd.
Unit 6B, Mercury House,
Calleva Park, Aldermaston Berkshire RG7 8PN
Tel: +44(0) 118 981 7980
Fax: +44(0) 118 981 7990

February 2008

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