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Ready-to-mount, ATEX-prepared pressure sensor modules for OEMs.

A new range of ready-to-mount pressure sensor modules for OEMs is now available that customers can integrate into their machine designs and instrumentation, including equipment that needs to be ATEX-certified for hazardous environments.

The DSK 701C pressure sensor module from Impress Sensors & Systems Ltd is a ready-to-assemble capacitive ceramic pressure sensor module that offers very low pressure ranges (20 bar down to 60mbar) but extremely high overpressure resistance.

An additional benefit to OEMs is that the module is ATEX-prepared and already carries Zone 0: II 1G Ex ia IIC T4 certification. This means the OEM can simply install the sensor module straight into a housing or on a machine, knowing that the module itself will require no additional, separate ATEX certification.

Designed specifically as a cost effective module for OEMs and machine builders, the
DSK 701C can also be configured and programmed by the customer via an integrated RS232 interface. An optional configuration kit is available, which enables the OEM to reconfigure sensors for different end user applications. The module is simply connected to a PC via the RS232 interface and menu-driven programming software is used to calibrate pressures, configure starting points and end points of the pressure range, damping and offset adjustment.

Sam Drury, Sales & Marketing Director at Impress Sensors & Systems comments: “The pressure sensor module will have a wide appeal amongst OEMs and specialist machine builders, from waste water, sewerage and marine applications, through to manufacturers of inkjet printers. Some customers may already have their own electronics but require a ready-to-mount, low cost pressure sensor module to complete their system solution.”

The DSK 701C has a ceramic membrane and offers a high turn down ratio of 10:1, without sacrificing accuracy. For example, a 1 bar rated sensor module can be turned down to 100mbar, but the accuracy remains at 0.1% and overpressure of 8bar is permissible.

The modules are available in gauge and absolute versions with a 4… 20mA output signal. Response time is 120ms (without electronic damping) and operating temperature range is from –40 deg C to +125 deg C. The unit is supplied with a PTFE filter as standard, with a brass venting tube option also available. ____________________________________________

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Sam Drury
IMPress Sensors & Systems Ltd.
Unit 6B, Mercury House,
Calleva Park, Aldermaston Berkshire RG7 8PN
Tel: +44(0) 118 981 7980
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July 2009

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