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New differential pressure transmitter ideal for level and flow measurement.

A range of smart differential pressure transmitters for process industry applications has been launched, which can be used for level measurement of closed, pressurised tanks, pump and filter control, or for closed pipe flow measurement in conjunction with an orifice plate, Venturi or nozzle.

The XMD range from Impress Sensors & Systems Ltd is ideal for flow applications due to the device’s ability to switch the output from a standard linear output to a square root extraction where flow rate can be output. Target industries include chemicals, paper and pulp, petrochemicals, energy & power, food and dairy, and pharmaceuticals.

The XMD has a differential pressure range from 75mbar up to 2 bar and with a static over-pressure capable of 130 bar line pressures. The calibrated pressure range can also be turned down 10:1 times, which means that a 75mbar range can give a full scale output at 7.5mbar, whilst still maintaining the 130 bar line pressure. A 5:1 turn down ratio maintains the accuracy of the transmitter, which is ±0.1% FSO.

Outputs available are 4-20mA as standard with the option of having HART® communication. If this option is selected, the XMD is ATEX-approved as standard. The device is intrinsically safe for Zone 0/1 and an Ex d version is available with a flameproof enclosure for Zone 1 applications.

The XMD range is designed for harsh process manufacturing environments and so the electrical enclosure is a two-chamber aluminium die cast, powder coated with the option to include an integrated smart display. As Sam Drury, Sales & Marketing Director at Impress Sensors & Systems comments: “The integrated display enables the user to programme the device, including electronic damping of the signal, offset adjustment [of up to 90 per cent of full scale] and a turndown ratio of 10 to 1. The two-chamber aluminium die cast housing is prepared for chemical seals to extend the application possibilities even further.”

The optional display is an LCD with a visible range of 32.5mm x 22.5mm. There’s also a textual display and a 52-segment bar graph that runs along the bottom of the display for easy interpretation of the output from the device. Even with this display option, the XMD is still rated to IP67.

For more information on the XMD SMART differential pressure transmitter, please call the sales department on 0118 981 7980 or visit the website at


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September 2009

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