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Impress to Showcase new Pressure, Flow and Level Sensors at Mtec 2010.

On stand 1338 at this year’s Mtec 2010 exhibition (Advanced Manufacturing UK, 27-28 April 2010), sensor specialist Impress Sensors & Systems Ltd will be showcasing a new range of silicon pressure sensor modules for OEMs, a new differential pressure transmitter for level and flow measurement, as well as a new range of process indicators and panel meters, including a new compact, multi-channel controller with touch-screen display.

New on Impress Sensors’ stand this year is the company’s DSP range of silicon pressure sensor modules, which have been specifically developed for OEMs to integrate into their own equipment or manifolds. The sensors are also designed to help solve the historical problems often associated with oil-filled pressure sensors.

Targeted at OEMs, the DSP range of piezoresistive silicon pressure sensor modules are suitable for general industrial use, environmental engineering, level measurement, process monitoring and laboratory/calibration equipment.

The stainless steel, 18mm diameter pressure sensor modules are available in two main versions: a direct contact type, where the media (air, non-aggressive gases and liquids) comes into direct contact with the silicon chip; and media separation via an oil-filled diaphragm.

The DSP series offers a wide range of operating pressures, from 20 mbar up to 1000 bar. The sensors also provide excellent thermal and long term stability, high overload protection and a high output signal. OEMs can choose between a thermally compensated, a non-compensated or a fully signal conditioned version of the sensor with ratiometric output.

As well as silicon pressure sensors, visitors to the stand will also be able to look at a brand new range of smart differential pressure transmitters. The XMD range is ideal for level measurement of closed, pressurised tanks, pump and filter control, or for closed pipe flow measurement when used in combination with an orifice plate, Venturi or nozzle.

The XMD pressure transmitters can switch the output from a standard linear one to a square root extraction where flow rate can be output, making the sensor suitable for a wide range of industry sectors, including chemicals, food and dairy, paper and pulp, petrochemicals, energy, power and pharmaceuticals. Pressure range is from 75 mbar up to 2 bar.

Impress Sensors will also show its complete range of process indicators, panel meters and controllers, including the CMC-99, a new compact, multi-channel controller with touch-screen display, which is ideal for the simultaneous measurement and control of a wide variety of process applications.

The CMC-99 controller offers an enormous variety of input and output combinations to suit every measurement task. Three card slots on the reverse of the unit each comprise 16 I/O pin options, which enable user to select, for example, up to 48 analogue current or voltage inputs; up to 16 relay/SSR outputs; 24 thermocouple inputs; or 12 RTD inputs; or a combination of these, depending on the application. Triggers and relays can also be set up via the controller’s 24V DC digital input.

Visitors will also be able to see the SRP 147, a new wall mountable process indicator/display meter with extra large digital display.

With more than 25 years’ experience in the instrumentation industry, Impress Sensors is a rapidly expanding UK manufacturer and distributor of instrumentation products. Based in Aldermaston, Berkshire, the company is renowned for providing expertise in pressure measurement and for its knowledge of general instrumentation.

Impress Sensors’ range of products includes sensors for pressure, temperature, level and distance measurement; process controllers; process indicators; data logging and recording systems; calibration equipment; as well as SIL2-approved and ATEX-approved products.

March 2010

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