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Compact digital pressure gauges offer exceptional price/performance ratio

A range of low cost, battery-powered digital pressure gauges has been launched, which offers customers a direct, cost effective replacement for their existing, less accurate mechanical gauges.

The DM 10 range of battery-powered digital pressure gauges is available through Impress Sensors & Systems Ltd, a sensor and instrumentation specialist. The gauges are targeted at a wide range of applications, including hydraulics & pneumatics, process engineering, R&D/laboratory work, and mobile pressure monitoring, including mobile construction vehicles, tractors, pumps, compressors and filters. The gauges have a ceramic diaphragm and so are also suitable for environments in which aggressive chemicals are present.

Sam Drury, Sales & Marketing Director at Impress Sensors & Systems commented: “The DM 10 is a cost effective direct replacement for most mechanical pressure gauges. It has a 63mm diameter display, the same as common mechanical gauges, but the DM 10 offers higher accuracy, repeatability and reliability.”

The DM 10 is designed to be mounted easily and quickly in-situ. The 4.5 digit, 7-segment LC display can be rotated independently of the housing, providing the engineer with clear sight of the display at all times, regardless of the mounting configuration. The housing itself rotates 270 degrees about the horizontal axis.

The device is operated through a simple, menu-driven display via push buttons on a touchpad. As well as showing information about the nominal pressure range, the unit can display via the menu the maximum and minimum pressures of a process. “For example, an engineer may have a fault in the system and therefore needs to check what the maximum pressure reading on the gauge was. An increase in the system pressure from say 6 bar up to 10.5 bar may indicate an over-pressure problem within the process and this would be displayed on the gauge,” Drury added.

Users can also choose which units of measurement they prefer, including bar, mbar, psi, mH2O and MPa. Additional functions include auto-zero and an automatic switch-off, where the user can define between 1 and 5 minutes or select continuous operation.

Nominal pressure ranges for the DM 10 are from 1.6 bar up to 250 bar. Minimum operational life of the battery is 1,500 hours.

For more information on the DM 10 range of battery-powered digital pressure gauges, please call the sales department on 0118 981 7980 or visit the website at

About Impress Sensors & Systems Ltd
Impress Sensors & Systems Ltd ( is a rapidly expanding UK manufacturer and distributor of instrumentation products based in Aldermaston, Berkshire. The company prides itself on its expertise in pressure measurement and its knowledge of general instrumentation. The company manufactures its own range of standard and custom-designed pressure instruments in the UK, and distributes a wide portfolio of instrumentation products from its European partners - BD Sensors in Germany and Metallux in Switzerland. Impress specialises in offering a customised service in applications where standard products may not satisfy the technical requirements and price aspirations of customers. The company boasts the necessary technical expertise in mechanical, electronic and application engineering that enables it to supply instruments tailored to the customer's requirements.

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October 2010

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