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     Three-Axis Magnetoresistive Sensors
Inertial Aerosystems today introduced a three-axis magnetoresistive
sensor for applications that require orthogonal three-axis sensing.

The HMC 1023 magnetoresistive sensor is small in size and uses low power.
Manufactured by Minneapolis based Honeywell SSEC, it is specifically
designed to be affordable for high volume OEM applications such as
compassing, navigation systems, attitude reference, virtual reality, traffic
detection, proximity detection and medical devices.

Configured as three magnetoresistive sensors in x, y, and z orientation,
these highly sensitive sensors convert all three magnetic field axes to a
differential output voltage capable of sensing magnetic fields as low as
85 microgauss.

The patented on-chip setlreset and offset straps have been improved
and now require 50 percent less power to drive the set/reset and offset
functions. These sensors can be operated with a 3 to 10 volt power
supply, lowering power consumption and reducing support circuitry.

The Custom Ball Grid Array (BGA), 1mm pitch, 16-pin miniature
package provides a small footprint and accurate sensor placement
for orthogonal three-axis sensing applications. These small devices
reduce board assembly costs and improve reliability and ruggedness
compared to mechanical fluxgates.
Inertial Aerosystems Ltd.

December 2000

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