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     Compact PC-104 Synchro Converters
A  new range of stackthrough, programmable, PC104 Bus
compliant Synchro/LVDT converter boards, is announced
by Inertial Aerosystems.

Manufactured by U.S. based North Atlantic Instruments, these COTS
products are microprocessor controlled and designed for accurate
measurement and simulation applications. The Synchro to Digital
model can be programmed to any combination of one or two speed
inputs, adding up to 4 channels and can track at rates up to 9000 RPM.

All models have on board self test and calibration. Encoder, velocity
and commutation outputs are available. These cost-effective products
have applications in aerospace, navigation and defence and in high
technology areas of manufacturing industries, where space is at
a premium.

Inertial Aerosystems Ltd.

December 2000

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