Inertial Aerosystems - PRODUCT NEWS

New lower cost Motion, Navigation and Tilt Sensors.

Inertial Aerosystems, at MTEC 2002 on Stand H20,
will show two new, low cost,  Magnetic Compass boards
designed for the OEM market in Navigation, GPS systems
and Satellite tracking.

 Manufactured by Honeywell SSEC, the HMR3300 triaxial system uses
two accelerometers to compensate for pitch & roll; the simpler
HMR3200 has two sensing axes without tilt compensation. Both have
digital output.

Honeywell's Sensors & Guidance Products feature affordable Inertial
Measurement Units (6° of freedom) with performance from 1° to
10°/ hour for full motion analysis, navigation and vehicle design, test
and production.

Silicon Designs introduce a new, low noise, linear accelerometer for
seismic detection and measurement. This 2g unit is an 8mm square

Applied Geomechanics announce a new, lower cost, single axis tilt
sensor with a resolution  of 5µRadians.

ATA Sensors have refined their Magnetoresistive Angular Rate
Sensor range to produce the ARS12S, a space qualified sensor
with a very low noise floor. This device is designed for vibration nulling
in optical and  laser operated sensor systems, electron microscopes
and camera applications.

January 2002

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