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Lower cost entry GPS/INS Full Motion Sensor. Inertial Aerosystems announce the availability of a new U.K. designed and manufactured Inertial Navigation System with on-board GPS. Designated the RT3100, the compact unit allows accurate measurements of full vehicle motion in normal to difficult terrain. This product represents a price break through for this class of instrument, accomplished through clever design and intelligent use of resources. A small magnetic antenna is incorporated which has accurate phase centre stability for precise movements. The use of an advanced Kalman filter permits long term measurement integrity even where GPS reception is intermittent or corrupted by obstacles along a vehicle's route e.g. bridges, trees etc. Accuracies are achieved of better than 1.8 M position (DGPS 0.4M), .06º pitch and roll and 0.1Km/hr velocity. Heading and slip angle accuracies approach 0.1º in high dynamic situations. The unit has its own on board flash memory. Synchronous GPS sampling allows two or more vehicle systems to generate outputs over the same time period. When coupled with steering-wheel input, most chassis tests can be performed. A CAN.DBC file simplifies use of a CAN bus interface to a data acquisition system. In addition to applications in the automotive industry, the RT3100 would be a useful tool in Marine, Aerospace, Defence and other related areas where accurate dynamic analysis and navigation is required. _____________________________________________ March 2003 For more details of this product... email our HelpDesk quoting Ref. shown below Ref: Inertial011
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