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New double oven OCXO rivals rubidium clock performance.

Inertial Aerosystems announce the availability of a high
performance double oven crystal oscillator which delivers
Rubidium clock performance in less than half the volume
and at lower cost. Manufactured by U.S. based MTI-Milliren
Technologies,  model 270 drops into a standard European 
CO-8 footprint and is 19.42 mm high.

Available in frequency ranges from 4.8 MHz to 90 MHz, thermal
stability is 2.0E-10 to 5.0E-10 over an ambient temperature
range of -30 to +70 Deg C. Typical 5 MHz ageing is 5.0E-10
per day and 5.0E-08 per year. Phase noise is -100 dBc/Hz at
1Hz offset and -155 dBc/Hz at 10KHz offset. 

These units are designed for high volume production. A low
active component count ensures high reliability. Ideal where
space is at a premium, model 270 measures 36.14 X 27.20
X 19.42 mm, has a steady state power of 1.7 watts and delivers
9 dBm sine wave into 50 ohms with high spectral purity.

The many applications for this unit include GPS holdover and
primary clock applications in Digital & Analogue PMR, Tetra
and mobile phone base stations, Atomic standard replacement,
Laboratory standards, Test & Measurement and Telecommunication
clocks at Stratum 2 level.

May 2004

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