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`Smart' Portable Digital Indicator.

A 'smart' portable indicator powered by 4x AA alkaline batteries and offers 50 calibration/set up memories per input channel. Each calibration can be made with mVN values or known weight using the tactile numeric keypad. The 2-line 16character LCD display can indicate continuously updated or peak/valley data with individual keys for Tare & Reset.

Options include...
Dual inputs (analogue and/or digital)
RS-232 connection (Batch ticket printing & Logger access) On-board Data Logger
Bespoke operating software

Portable Digital Indicator.

An easy to operate portable indicator that offers up to 40 hrs continuous operation from 2x AA alkaline batteries. User may select display of continuously updated data or Peak/Valley values. Using internal jumpers the unit can be set for 1, 2 or 16 calibration/set up memories and front panel tactile keys allow immediate access to On/Off, Tare, Reset and Set-up functions.

Options include
RS-232 connection
Integral load cell 450N capacity

Micro Battery Powered Indicator.

This unit is designed for OEM applications where it is dedicated for use with a single load cell or other strain gauged sensor. The small case dimensions (65mm x 110mm x 28mm), low weight, extended battery life and simplified operation make it ideal for incorporation into portable equipment.

Selection of connector types or integrated cable
Private labelling & custom operation are optional


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March 2007

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