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XSENSOR Technology Corporation introduces the most advanced and accurate interface pressure measuring sensor in their line of products. Designed as a conformable and durable sensor for measuring interface pressure values, this capacitive sensor is ideal for assessing automotive and aerospace seat designs and manufacturing quality. Studies show the new LX100 sensors to be highly accurate due to high repeatability, low hysterisis, and low creep characteristics.

The LX sensor is the latest innovation in XSENSOR's expanding line of highly advanced, robust pressure imaging technology.

These sensors possess the durability, conformability, and image detail found in
XSENSOR's PX100 Series sensors. The LX100 provides a new level of accuracy and calibration stability that makes it ideal for engineering research and design, and a perfect tool for manufacturing quality control.

A true evolution in pressure imaging, the LX sensor exemplifies world-class accuracy with no compromises.

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XSENSOR Technology Corporation is the leading innovator of advanced pressure imaging sleep, patient safety, and automotive testing solutions. Offering sensor superiority, custom solutions, and X3 technology, XSENSOR is an internationally recognized leader with products in use in over 40 countries worldwide.

o Less than 1.3% hysterisis error full scale
o Data collected from 10-200mmHg in 2mmHg increments; each increment held for 3 minutes

o When subjected to a constant load, provides consistent readings over long periods of time with low standard error
o Less than 5% error at 1-hour with 100mmHg applied
o Data collected in an XSENSOR calibration chamber using a
5 hour load test with a 2 hour rest for 6 cycles
o Less than 1.3% hysterisis error full scale
o Data collected from 10-200mmHg in 2mmHg increments; each increment held for 3 minutes

o Very consistent behaviour provides reliable data for process-control applications
o After 100,000 loading cycles there is only a 5% or less difference in measured values at 100mmHg in the XSENSOR calibration chamber
o Independent test lab results using ASTM Standard F 1566-99 Cornell Test configuration
o The sensor was subjected to 100,000 load cycles of 5-230 pounds force (22.2N - 1023.1 N). After every 10,000 cycles, the sensor was verified for accuracy
o 100,000 cycles = 10 years accelerated testing

o Provides consistent measurement when subjected to repeated load cycles
o Maximum standard deviation +/- 3.5mmHg when subjected to
500 pressure cycles
o Data collected in XSENSOR calibration chamber for the duration of 5 sessions of 100 cycles
The LX100 Series sensors provide accurate information through consistent repeatability, limited creep and full scale

Experience a new level of accuracy with XSENSOR's LX sensor technology. Conformability, image quality, and durability are imperative in comfort and ingress/egress analysis, and they are all found in the LX sensor. In a typical analysis, accurate measurement of a given interface's true pressure is critical. The LX sensor provides this accuracy by conforming to the topology of the surface; it is able to minimize sensor effect while maintaining spatial integrity. Meanwhile, there is absolutely no compromise to image quality.

The LX sensor produces excellent image quality, similar to the XSENSOR PX100 sensor. The LX sensor provides consistent measurement even under harsh conditions. In fact, the LX sensor recently survived accelerated life-cycle testing that was equivalent to eight years repeated use. For test engineers, the improved calibration stability leads to consistent data over thousands of cycles, which means they can lower their total cost of ownership.

The resilient, consistent nature of the LX sensor makes it a highly effective tool for production environments. Integrating pressure imaging as part of a quality control measure on the production line allows automotive engineers to confidently verify their design and collect a wealth of process control data for later analysis and improvement. The LX sensor sets a precedent for product development quality control measures by providing researchers and manufacturers with a highly accurate, real-time feedback mechanism that is consistent and reliable. XSENSOR Technology Corporation's LX sensors are available in three different sizes.

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July 2008

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