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Non Contact Position Measurement.

The new high-precision proximity measuring system from Kaman is offered in a compact DIN package that's easy to install. With a 10KHz analogue output and threshold-adjustable 3.3KHz switched output, the KD-2446 provides a flexible solution for today's high-speed automated manufacturing and process control applications.

The KD-2446 uses inductive, eddy current technology that measures without touching the target and offers excellent performance with both ferrous and non-ferrous targets. Making it ideal for OEM measurement applications including displacement, vibration, sorting, and event capture.

The system consists of two sub-assemblies: the sensor with integral cable and the signal conditioning module, the rugged sensors are rated for continuous temperature operation up to 205°C.

All available from Ixthus Instrumentation along with advice and technical support for your application.

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March 2007

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