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Thread presence detection sensor is Go-NoGo for internal and external threads.

Eddy current probe and electronics module provides precise thread presence measurement for critical automated assembly and manufacturing applications.

The ThreadChecker™ from Kaman Inc. is a new non-contact sensor range designed to check both internal and external thread presence for critical parts manufacture and automated assembly line applications. Available exclusively in the UK from Ixthus Instrumentation, the range consists of a choice of IP67 rated eddy current probes and an electronics module with both output and visual indication for Go-NoGo distance, set between the probe and the thread.

Four internal probes measure threaded holes to 14 mm diameter and two external probes for threaded shafts to 10 mm diameter. Available to suit most metal materials, the robust probes operate at temperatures up to 70º C and as Kaman’s rugged and reliable eddy current technology does not require a high level of part cleanliness, operation in hostile and dirty environments is guaranteed.

The CE compliant ThreadChecker range features both switched relay and analogue outputs which can be wired to a PLC programmed to alarm when no thread is detected. A teach function, using an integral pushbutton and a three-state LED is also available for manual set-up and operation. The electronics module can be panel or DIN rail mounted.

The range is part of Kaman’s GageProx™ family which uses a single-ended input and fixed-gain output technology that is ideal for set-it-and forget-it gauging applications in the metal forming industry for in-die parts inspection as well as automated assembly and test in automotive and white goods manufacture; and many other demanding thread presence measurement applications in the machine shop and clean room alike.

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October 2008

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