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Burster Miniature Load Cells for force measurement applications in automated and manual production assembly.

Burster compression load cells are frequently applied to the monitoring of the forces used in the precision pressing of medicinal tablets, and for monitoring bearing insertion forces, in automotive applications and domestic appliances.

Ixthus are proud to have been appointed the exclusive UK agents for the Burster range of Miniature Load Cells. The different designs available cover all force measurement applications, starting with the smallest sensor, the sub-miniature 8413 series, where stainless steel encased strain gauges accurate to 0.5% FS, but only 10mm diameter and 5mm thick, are applied to test machines, robots, and for installation in tools and precision mechanical devices.

In a similar style the 8438 series offer a flat disc design, with a completely welded stainless steel body and a central hole: this is designed to monitor bolts, screws, cover fastenings and spot welds, where the joining force, of between 1N and 200KN, is routed directly through the sensor.

Model 8417 on the other hand is suitable for measuring tension or compression, and typically uses two axial male screw thread connections, for mounting between two cables or chains, or for monitoring forces in a Bowden cable, testing soldered or welded joints, or monitoring forces during the winding of cables onto drums. The 8417 series has a radial cable connection that is suitable for repetitive robotics applications, since, as with most Burster sensors, the cable is extremely flexible.

Another low priced tension and compression monitoring load cell is the 8435 series, which is a high precision unit (+/-0.25%FS accuracy) for static and dynamic measurement of forces, weights, coefficients of friction and adhesion, on coupling mechanisms and manipulators.

A special miniature unit, the 8451 series, is designed for use with smaller hand operated lever presses, so that the actual applied assembly press-in or riveting force is known and can be recorded in a QA system, - and even indicated to the operator to show that the required force has been applied. For the 8451 Series, newly developed measuring ranges of up to 2KN also feature an integrated mechanical overload protection: the units can easily be retrofitted to existing presses, positioned between the tool and the press lifter.

For most units, 2D/3D CAD data are available on a CD and on-line for direct transfer into the designer’s CAD system, or are available as dxf files. Units are typically available ex-stock, and carry a 24 month warranty.

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November 2008

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