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New range of signal conditioners from Ixthus Instrumentation

DIN rail mounted signal conditioner/amplifier range offer a flexible choice of conversion options

Ixthus Instrumentation has launched a new range of programmable isolated signal conditioners. Aimed at all areas of data acquisition and process control, the DIN rail mounted OMX 333 series includes versions for conversion of AC and DC voltage and current, as well as a universal counter/frequency variant. A multifunction device is also available with a selection of up to eight menu configured input types for low level DC voltage and current as well as resistance for Pt, Cu and Ni temperature sensor measuring levels, and linear potentiometers.

The OMX330 may be set-up and controlled via dip switches and two front panel mounted pushbuttons, or for greater flexibility through the free of cost OM Link PC software. Output options include a comparator that monitor two input values with a LED signal and relay output on the preset limits. A data output option, based on RS485 with the ASCII protocol, is also available. Standard functions through the range include programmable inputs, analogue output, compensation, linearisation, and digital filters. External control inputs include hold, lock and reset.


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March 2012

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