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New high speed laser triangulation position sensor is ideal for capturing fast processes

High speed laser sensor range offers blue UV wavelength version for difficult to measure objects that have poor reflective properties under red laser light

New from Ixthus Instrumentation Limited, the Riftek RF603HS series laser triangulation sensor is aimed at position or displacement measurement of target objects in fast moving high-throughput processes and events where capture frequency is critical. With 13 standard models providing measurement ranges from 2 mm up to 1250 mm, these new sensors provide excellent linearity and accuracy, with a frequency response up to 180 kHz. The added benefit of a blue UV wavelength option in addition to the industry standard 600 nm red laser allows best performance when used to track the motion of high temperature objects such as hot-glowing metals as well as organic and translucent materials.

The RF603HS has a frequency dependant linearity rating of 0.1% of full scale at 56 kHz and 0.3% at 180 kHz. Similarly for resolution, the specification varies from 0.1% of the range at 56 kHz and 0.3% at 180 kHz. Temperature drift is less than 0.02% per ºC over the full range. Data transfer is via Ethernet using the User Data Protocol (UDP). RS232 or RS485 serial interfaces are used for parameter setting.

The RF603HS offers a broad range of environmental protection features and options making it suitable for a wide variety of measurement applications. With its IP67 rating, the sensor boasts a sturdy aluminium protective housing and a toughened glass lens. These features combine with high shock and vibration specifications that allow use in the most arduous conditions. The operating temperature range spans -10ºC to +60ºC with options for a built-in heater to extend the lower range to -30ºC; or air-cooled housings for high temperature environments to +120ºC. Options with both heaters and air-cooling are available. Long life and very low maintenance can be expected from this non-contact device. The compact and attractively packaged unit measures just 65 x 60 x 26 mm (W x D x H).

As well as rapid product sorting and sensing of position/displacement at high speed, The blue laser version offers measurement of poorly reflective red-hot materials, as well as translucent target materials such as plastics, organic materials, biological samples, food, etc. Within these target material types the non-contact sensor can also measure thickness, dimensioning, axial run-out, surface profile and vibration. The RF603HS, is a derivative of Riftek's RF603 multi-purpose laser sensor which has 26 models offering red or blue laser diodes with varied powers for indoor and outdoor use, and versions with binocular sensors for laser scanning applications. Data transfer output options cover Ethernet, serial port, CANbus, voltage and current.

About Ixthus
Ixthus Instrumentation is the exclusive UK distributor for Riftek with many successful non-contact position and displacement measurement applications across aerospace, medical, process, packaging, metal industries and more. Ixthus works closely with leading global suppliers of non-contact sensing technologies as well as force, torque and vibration sensor and transducer manufacturers, providing a complete service with its knowledgeable technical staff available to solve customers' measurement problems - from the first enquiry with complete after-sales support.

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May 2013

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