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JMA-100/200/300 Accelerometer Series offers additional measuring ranges

The JMA-100/200/300 accelerometer series, a robust and affordable acceleration solution, is now available with ±4 g and ±10 g measuring ranges. These additional ranges are intended for applications that include wider movement, but do not need as much sensitivity.

The JMA-100/200/300 series contains MEMS technology and is available in single (JMA-100), dual (JMA-200) or tri-axis (JMA-300) configurations. Standard measuring ranges span from the precision of ±0.5 g to a broad ±10 g with a resolution to 0.04 mg. It is also RoHS compliant to satisfy environmental demands.

The additional ranges provide the options to meet more demanding requirements. The JMA serves as a great solution for vehicle testing, railway maintenance and testing, lateral train control, acceleration/deceleration control and aerospace testing.

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September 2017

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