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JUMO BlackLine pH/redox electrodes - now even better

The JUMO BlackLine series of electrodes for the measurement of pH values and redox potential (ORP) have a proven record of reliability. Now due to improved manufacturing techniques introduced by JUMO Instrument Company Ltd new versions of these electrodes are now available.

So far, only high-quality process electrodes have been manufactured using the well-proven JUMO solid electrolyte and annular-gap diaphragm. The resulting benefits are a longer electrode life and, at the same time, a reduced danger of electrolyte poisoning due to the ingress of foreign matter and electrode poisons.

The open annular-gap diaphragm provides the link between the medium and reference system. A rugged reference system in cartridge style has replaced the wire conduction system used up to now. The application of a cartridge-style reference system ensures that the electrolyte supplies a stable reference signal, with the result that stable measurements are transmitted for longer periods during the entire measurement process. These sensors are therefore ideally suited to the use in aquariums (also seawater aquariums), in greenhouse technology, and for determining the pH and/or redox potential in surface water (rainwater, pond water).

Thanks to our 30 years of experience in electrode manufacture JUMO has produced fully matured sensor technology with an excellent price-performance ratio.
Quote datasheet number 20.1005

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November 2006

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