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Melt pressure transmitter with 4 - 20mA signal and CANopen

The highly successful JUMO 4 ADM-35 series, from JUMO Instrument Co. Ltd, can now also be supplied with pre-amplified output signals, and as a mercury-free version.

Melt pressure transmitters are used in the plastics industry and in process engineering, mainly for acquiring pressure in liquid and paste materials in extrusion plants. These applications demand transmitters that are especially rugged. Accordingly, they are suitable for ranges from 50 to 2000 bar, and for media temperatures up to 480°C.

New output signals
Up to now, melt pressure transmitters have commonly been used with a 2mV/V or 3.3mV/V output signal. However, this requires either special signal inputs or an additional instrument amplifier for conversion to a standard signal on the control side. However, thanks to the new electronics, melt pressure transmitters from JUMO are now also available with a standard analog 4 - 20mA signal or a digital CANopen signal. As a result, the sensors can now be directly connected to the usual standard or field bus signals of control units or indicating devices. This means more economical control units, simpler mounting and more space in the control cabinet.

Mercury-free version
Another newcomer to the range is the sodium-potassium filling medium (NAK), which can be used as an alternative to the conventional mercury. NAK is a liquid alloy, environmentally friendly and non-toxic. This variant is therefore of particular interest to the food and pharmaceutical industries.

Similar products
For the applications mentioned above, JUMO also offers melt temperature probes, in addition to the melt pressure transmitters.
For further information quote:
Type 40.4450 for the melt pressure transmitter
Type 40.4452 for melt temperature probe with thermocouple
Type 90.1009 for the melt temperature probe with thermocouple
Type 90.2009 for the melt temperature probe with platinum RTD

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November 2006

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