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Level measurement for corrosive media in chemical
and plant engineering.

JUMO Instrument Co. Ltd has added a plastic version to its range of level probes, which is particularly suited for use in corrosive media.

This level probe is the preferred choice for the hydrostatic measurement of levels in liquids. Its capacitive ceramic sensor is distinguished by good long-term stability and accuracy, even over small measurement ranges up to about a 50cm filling level. Furthermore, the aluminium oxide ceramic that is used is 99.9% pure, and has a particularly high chemical resistance to many corrosive substances, such as acids, industrial effluent, electroplating baths and the like.

The JUMO level probe with plastic housing is especially suitable for applications in which the corrosive medium being measured would attack a stainless steel housing.

In this version, the following components are in contact with the medium:
* sensor, aluminium oxide (Al2O3, 99.9%)
* sealing, plastic (O-ring, FPM or EPDM)
* housing, plastic (PTFE)
* connecting cable with plastic sheathing (polyethylene [PE] or polyurethane [PUR])
The probe has a G1" pressure connection with an internal thread, so it is possible to fit it to a pipe or the wall of a container.

The level probe can be used for measurement ranges from 0.5 to 16m (water column) with an accuracy of 0.2%. The output signal can be selected as either 4 - 20mA or

0.5 - 4.5V. The connecting cable is provided with a capillary for pressure compensation, and can be ordered in any length.
Quote datasheet number 40.4391

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November 2006

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