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Temperature probes with EHEDG certification for the food and pharmaceutical industries.

Resistance thermometer probes from JUMO Instrument Co. Ltd have been used successfully for many years in the food and pharmaceutical industries, in the course of which the specifications for ‘clean ability’ of the process connections have become ever more demanding in recent years.

JUMO has had several process connections certified by the Technical University of Munich in Weihenstephan. The cleaning of the test samples was compared against a reference tube and evaluated in the course of comprehensive tests. The EHEDG certification covers the G½ screwed connection with a CIP-compliant sealing cone and various Varivent© designs through to the JUMO-PEKA adapter system. This adapter system enables combinations with other food process connections, such as clamp and milk pipe screw fittings.

These connections ensure that all surfaces are reliably cleaned during the cleaning procedure, to prevent the growth of bacteria or infective agents. This guarantees that the final product always meets high quality standards.

These resistance thermometers are manufactured from stainless steels that are well established in the processing sector, offer precise measurements, and use Class A platinum sensors. This and the high-quality manufacturing ensuring they conform to the very latest methods and requirements in the food and pharmaceutical industries.
Quote datasheet number 90.2810.

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November 2006

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