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Capacitive hygro and hygrothermal transducers - now with terminal head Form J.

The highly successful hygro and hygrothermal transducers from JUMO Instrument co. Ltd, are used for the measurement of relative humidity and temperature. Their main area of application is in the HVAC sector. The new version of these instruments is now provided with a robust Form J aluminium terminal head and rugged screw clamp terminals. The grey-painted aluminium shaft has a maximum fitting length of 120 mm and a diameter of 20 mm.

The fast response of the capacitive humidity sensor ensures that the instrument delivers reliable measurement of relative humidity over the range from 5% to 95% with an accuracy of ±2% rH or ±3% rH respectively.

All the sensors that are used have a gauze filter fitted as standard, and can be installed in unpressurized systems, non-corrosive gases and air.

For open-air applications or extreme conditions, plastic grille filters with a stainless steel mesh and stainless steel sinter filters are available as options.

The new instrument version offers a temperature measurement range from –30 to +70°C. The temperature measuring device is a Pt100 sensor, Class B, implemented in accordance with DIN 60751.

The minimum air flow required for correct measurement is 1meter/sec.

The instrument also provides active outputs in the form of the usual industry-standard 4 - 20mA, 0 - 1V or 0 - 10V signals. Instruments can also be supplied with a passive Pt100 output. This means that these very compact humidity and temperature sensors can be used in a wide range of applications.

The sensor itself has IP30 enclosure protection, and the electronics has IP65. The operating voltage can be anywhere in the range from 12 to 30 V DC.

The instruments can be easily and correctly mounted to suit the site and application.

And just as versatile are the compact rod versions with a connecting cable. These are also available with plug connection.

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November 2006

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