New Intelligent Transmitter with digital display.

New from Keller is the LEO 3, an additional model to the Mano 2000 series of digital pressure gauges which is a micro-processor controlled, accurate and versatile transmitter with a digital pressure indictator and 4...20mA current output.

The LEO 3 is available in four ranges, -1...3 bar, -1...30 bar, 0...300 bar and 0...700 bar, offering a typical accuracy of 0.2%. The display automatically turns on when the 4...20mA (2 wire, 12...28 V DC supply) circuit is excited, the top display indicating the actual pressure and the bottom display showing the actual current of the 4...20mA output.

A max. or min feature is also included on the lower display. It can be programmed using the keys for zero and full scale of the analogue output, together with unit selection in bar, psi, mbar/hPa, kPa and MPa.

With the Keller PROG 30 software, the K106 converter and a PC, the zero and full scale selection of the 4...20mA output and the unit can be programmed via the RS 485 without applying the pressure to the transmitter. The LEO 3 is bus compatible and can be provided with an address and the range changed in operation.

The unit is protected to IP65 and is fitted with a G 1/4" pressure connection. It measures 76(diam) x 118(high) x 42(deep)mm, weighs just 230 grams and will operate over as temperature range of 0...50ºC.

For more information, please contact:-

Keller (UK) Ltd.
Winfrith Technology Centre, Dorchester DT2 8DH. UK
Tel: +44(0) 845 643 2855 Fax: +44(0) 845 643 2866

March 2001

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