Customised Pressure Transmitters for high volume OEM at low cost.

Keller is now fulfilling the requirement of OEM users who need customised pressure transmitters in quantities of 5,000 to 200,000 pcs. per year at standard design prices.

The Keller solution is custom transmitters at standard low cost prices. The series 22 from Keller with its optimum flexibility, can be designed to meet the customers exact physical and performance specification spanning a broad spectrum of applications. These include automotive, braking systems, pumps, compressors, plant equipment, refrigeration and industrial OEMs.

The transmitter's core design is based on an isolated piezoresistive silicon measuring cell available with brass/nickel or 316L stainless steel wetted parts. The customer then chooses the required pressure connection whether it be G1/4, 'O' ring piston seal, M10, flange, etc. plus the electrical connection of Packard plug, mPm, wires, cable, pins, etc. which are added to the 22M core to give the ideal design for integration into the OEM product.

Pressure ranges from 0...5 to 0...250 bar can be supplied with signals of 4...20mA or 0.5...4.5Vdc. with temperature compensation ranges as wide as -40...+135°C to ensure high accuracy measurement. The series 22 benefits from very high EMC protection demanded by many OEM applications.

Automated production techniques ensure high product reliability with flexible delivery patterns and attractive unit costs of £10...£15 (15...25 Euro) for high quantity.

For more information, please contact:-

Keller (UK) Ltd.
Winfrith Technology Centre, Dorchester DT2 8DH. UK
Tel: +44(0) 845 643 2855 Fax: +44(0) 845 643 2866

September 2003

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