KELLER unplugged - Series 21 D RFID and 21 DC RFID

No wires. No power required. Read pressures anywhere. Maintenance free.

As one of the first manufacturers anywhere in the world to recognise the potential offered by combining near-field communication with industrial pressure transmitters, KELLER AG fur Druckmesstechnik has now launched two new series: the 21 D RFID and the 21 DC RFID.

The passive pressure transponders in the Series 21 D RFID are autonomous in terms of their energy requirements, allowing them to be used indefinitely without maintenance, while the main attraction of the Series 21 DC RFID is its integrated data logger, which runs on a special long-life battery. With both products, the energy required to transmit measurements is provided wirelessly via the RFID interface. Potential applications for these hermetically sealed pressure transponders include mobile systems, large-scale facilities and as replacements for conventional pressure gauges with dials.

Take readings easily from inconspicuous measurement points
The pressure transponders in the Series 21 D(C) RFID are based on KELLER's Series 7 LID pressure transmitters, which are extremely sturdy with excellent long-term stability. The sophisticated transponder technology is the work of the RFID specialists at Microsensys GmbH.

A moulded RFID transponder made from impact-resistant plastic replaces the usual plug for electrical connections, with stainless steel being used for all parts that come into contact with media. The pressure transponders in the Series 21 D(C) are thus immune to environmental influences and vandalism. An RFID reader allows measurements to be read off quickly and easily and transferred straight to a laptop via USB. Alternatively, a battery-operated pocket reader can be used, which displays measurements, stores them to its memory and makes them available as an xml file for transfer via USB.

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March 2017

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