KFA AG introduces its first TDR level sensor.

KFA AG introduces its first TDR level sensor: the KFA1 is a TDR-Sensor with coaxial probe for continuous level measurement and point level detection in liquids, with analog and switching outputs, for instance as superior alternative to capacitive and ultrasonic sensors or multi-point float switches.

The KFA1 uses TDR (Time Domain Reflectometry) technology – a process for establishing electromagnetic wave runtimes. A low-energy electromagnetic impulse generated by the sensor’s circuitry is propagated along the inside of the coaxial probe. When this impulse hits the surface of the medium to be measured, part of the impulse energy is reflected back up the probe to the circuitry which then calculates the fluid level from the time difference between the impulse sent and the impulse reflected. The sensor can output the analyzed level as a continuous measurement reading through its analog output, or it can convert the values into freely positionable switching output signals.

The innovative TDR technology enables an inexpensive and reliable level measurement that is independent of application conditions. KFA1 is suitable for continuous level measurement as well as for point level detection in almost every liquid – changes in the properties of the measured liquid do not affect the sensor. The sensor has been designed for very precise and reliable measurement in small tanks and vessels – independent from the installation conditions. Typical applications are coolants, oil, cleaning and degreasing agents and other liquid substances used in manufacturing environments.

The sensor is mounted into the tank vertically from the top via its connection thread. He can be mounted directly into a weld-in socket or a nozzle. Minimum nozzle diameter or maximum nozzle height do not have to be observed. There are also no minimum distances to be observed with respect to obstacles inside the tank (e.g. filling inlets, other measurement devices) or the tank walls

KFA AG is headquartered in Lucerne, Switzerland and was established by a team of very experienced and well-qualified executives and engineers with a long track record in the level measurement industry. We design and market level sensors with outstanding performance that are simple to install, free from defects, easy to use, and offer excellent value for money.

For more information, please contact :-

Phone +41 (61) 5354005
E-Mail info@kfa.ag
Web http://www.kfa.ag

March 2008

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