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  Low Cost Digital Temperature Meter

Recent years have seen the simple-to-use, basic digital temperature meter phased-out to make way for more sophisticated and, therefore, more expensive alternatives. However, demands for the original remain strong, and recognising this void Kalestead have introduced a new family of digital thermometers characterised by their exceptional simplicity, excellent performance and extremely low cost. KAL1 and KAL3 employ Types K and T thermocouples, respectively, to provide operational temperature ranges of-30 to +1000ºC and -50 to +199.9°C. Yet, with only a high clarity LCD and touch pad ON/OFF switching, their operation is reduced to the ultimate in simplicity... switch on, measure the temperature, switch off. And each offers high speed and accuracy in a robust, reliable and durable package costing a mere £49. Details of these and related products and services can be found, on Kalestead's website, www.kalestead .co.uk __________________________________________________ For more information contact:- Kalestead Limited, Braintree, Essex. UK Tel: +44(0) 1376 349036 Fax: +44(0) 1376 348976 Email: sales@kalestead.co.uk Web Site: www.kalestead.co.uk November 2000