Kalestead Ltd. - PRODUCT NEWS

Dual-range Digital Thermometer. Following their recent introduction of the KAL Series of simplified digital thermometers, have extended the range to include a high-accuracy model designed for use with PT100 sensors. With the option of temperature ranges from -50 to +199.9°C or -100 to +800°C, accurate to within 0.2%±0.1°C or 0.2%±1 .0°C, respectively, the KAL4 Digital Thermometer is versatile and precise. Yet it shares with others in the KAL Series extreme simplicity, having a two-key touch pad for operation and range selection; and low cost, being priced at under $100. The KAL4 is housed in a robust casing designed to withstand the rigours of usage in the field. __________________________________________________ July 2001
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