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Hand-Held pH/mV Meter which is also a Data Logger. Kalestead has introducted a hand-held pH/mV meter which, with its ability to download test results, also serves as a high-performance datalogger. The Model Ki-8601 Ph/mV Meter offers 0 to l4pH, -499 to +499mV, and temperature ranges in °C or °F, with automatic temperature compensation over -5 to +80CC. It records Max. and Mm. pH values, with pH and temperature being displayed simultaneously, and options include RS232 software and interconnection. Accordingly, the role of this versatile instrument may be extended to that of a high-specification datalogger. The Ki8601 is supplied in a custom carrying case, complete with buffer solutions and pH/temperature probe. __________________________________________________ For more information contact:- Kalestead Limited, Braintree, Essex. UK Tel: +44(0) 1376 349036 Fax: +44(0) 1376 348976 Email: sales@kalestead.co.uk Web Site: www.kalestead.co.uk May 2005
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