Multi-channel Filter Card for VME and VXI Systems.

Kemo Ltd. has developed a multi-channel filter card which is physically compatible with data-acquisition and instrumentation systems based on the 6UVME and B-size VXI industry standards.

The new 6U/1600 is ideally suited to alias protection, noise elimination and signal-conditioning applications where compactness and industry-standard compatibility are key requirements. The single-width (0.8-inch) card can be made to fit any 6U based system, and can be fitted to C-size VXI systems using standard adaptors.

The 8-channel card makes use of Kemo's standard 1600 Series filter modules, which use continuous-time filtering techniques to offer very high analogue performance in a small volume. Each filter module can be programmed over a 255:1 range, and modules with cutoffs as low as 1 Hz and as high as 255 kHz are available.

Up to 15 slave cards can be linked to a master card to provide a system with up to 128 channels, with independent control of the cutoff frequency of each channel being carried out from the master card. The master interface is through an RS232 connection and Kemo's FICL control language. No programming over the VME Bus is necessary, which saves on system overhead and eases integration of the cards into existing systems.


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July 2001

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